How to Build a List Online & Offline in 2008

by Jan 28, 2008Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Marketing, SEO | Web Design

Written by Amy Rowe

It seems that everyone wants your email address these days.  Every website you go to asks you to subscribe, download or sign up.  In their blog,, Jimmy Vee and Travis Millers  address this issue.  Even though it is challenging, and there  is lots of competition for people’s emails, it is worth doing.  This article will help any small business owner understand and get better use of list building.

“In the article a reader asks the question “What’s the true trick in building a list? I am all ebooked out. People are almost afraid to subscribe to anything now days.”

This is true, but now more than ever business owners need to be working on and off line to build their lists, so they can continue to engage with customers and prospects on a regular basis.

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