Pink Cake Box Revisited

About a year ago I stumbled across a story about a a small business that was baking up a storm combining their web site, a blog, public relations, and social media into a comprehensive marketing strategy. Pink Cake Box is a specialty cake shop in northern New Jersey with 10 employees.

Bar Mitzvah Gift Box Cake

I was intrigued by this traditional retail business which launched a very non-traditional campaign just as they opened their doors in 2005.  Blogging consistently for four years they have been featured in People, Modern Bride, and several other publications.
I checked in on them this week, and was pleased to see they have dialed up the efforts with more photos and video.  While this type of marketing does take time and planning, it does not require a huge budget. And if I was in New Jersey, I would want to order a cake from the Pink Cake Box.

So my advice, get creative with your marketing, add a little social media to your mixture and bake up a few sales this season!

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  • Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for the recognition. I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head with your post. If you look at the total cost of our online efforts, our biggest investment has been time. The actual outlay of cash has been fairly minimal – a good camera and camcorder along with the necessary software and hosting services encompasses the majority of our capital outlay.

    The challenge is to continue to stay innovative and ensure you stay focused in the right areas. To your point, it’s important to plan ahead and develop a list of top focus areas..otherwise you may spread yourself too thin…