Your website is like your online storefront: it needs to draw people in from a distance and make them want to buy from you. At Roundpeg, we create websites that are representative of you, easy to use, full of the functions you need and because they are built on the WordPress platform your website is easy to update. Look at some of the work we’ve done for other clients–how can we help you change your web strategy?

Dr. Michael Ball

Visit the website drmichaelball.com

Dr. Michael Ball Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Leg

Based in Boca Raton, Florida Dr. Ball’s practice is dominated by patients in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Given the focus of his practice, he never felt the need to have a website, until recently as he began to notice an increase in the computer literacy of his clients.

He turned to us to build a medical website for his practice. The site was designed on a WordPress platform with a clean, simple and professional feel. The information his patients are most concerned with, where is he located, is their parking and does he make house calls are all featured on the home page.

While the site is light on content right now, he has plans to add detailed service descriptions over time. That is one of the benefits of using WordPress, it gives small business owners, like Dr. Ball the ability to grow their website over time.

Mishler Plumbing

View the website at mishlerplumbing.com

mishler home


These days almost every website has a large stock photograph on the home page. Nate Mishler wanted something different. The simple blue texture we created was the perfect backdrop for his featured video and call to action.

One of the elements which sets this site apart is the video library. The Divi platform we used to build the site has a simple video plugin which makes uploading a new video as simple as pasting the YouTube link, making it easy for Nate to add new videos as soon as they are available.


Mischler video page

Customers love Mishler Plumbing. That’s obvious when you read just some of the many reviews on this page. To make it easy for Mishler to easily collect reviews we added the submission form which sits at the top of the page. Just a simple click opens a short form for the consumer to fill out without ever leaving this page. The reviews are emailed to the MIshler team, and they can pick the best ones to post on the site. Like the video page, Divi has a testimonial module which formats the comments once they are pasted into the site.


mishler reviews


What our client Nate Mishler had to say:
Roundpeg was great to work with! They were able to understand my vision, tell my story clearly and concisely and let me have control when appropriate while setting boundaries when it wasn’t. Highly recommend them for your next project!