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2019 Study Results

Every year, since 2010 we have surveyed small business owners and marketers about their digital marketing and social media strategies. This year our study included responses from 200 businesses.

What we asked: 

We asked questions about how much time they were spending on social media, what they wanted to accomplish, where they were advertising, how often they created new blog posts and newsletters and how they measured the results of their efforts.

Here’s a Preview of What’s Changed:

  • Shift to use as a broadcast tool – Once considered a place to make connections and gather information, firms are relying more on digital marketing for outbound broadcasting and advertising.
  • Decline in overall usage – Business owners are relying less on social media and content marketing for business operations such as research, customer service, or distribution of surveys and product promotion.  We also saw a dramatic decline in the time invested in both blogging and email marketing.  The tools are still used, just not as often.
  • Decline in ROI measures – While business owners say they are measuring ROI, when we dive into the data they are actually measuring less.
  • Rise of the consultant –  More businesses are turning to guest bloggers and external firms to help create content, but they are not giving up the reigns entirely.
  • Fall of Twitter and the rise of Instagram – A decade ago, Facebook and Twitter were neck and neck in popularity.  That isn’t the case today.

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  • Digital Marketing Report