Rebecca Pfeiffer

Office Manager

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People know better than to fight with mama bears.


Rebecca has been with Roundpeg since its infancy, when Lorraine would run across her lawn barefoot to give her neighbor job assignments. That neighbor has since come on board as bookkeeper, office mom and the Thelma to Lorraine’s Louise. Rebecca is the conscience of the team, as well as the official editor for every single email, blog post and press release that comes from Roundpeg – serving as the last line of defense against typos, inappropriate tenses and awful oxford commas. When she’s not keeping Lorraine sane and managing the office, Rebecca makes sure the team is well stocked with coffee and lint rollers. When it comes time to unwind she plans a mean office party, and she’s never too far from either her knitting needles (to make matching hats for the office cats) or her giant Bouvier des Flandres Toby and Penny.