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about the project

Broad Ripple Park is a beloved local fixture with plenty of history, including a century-old carousel currently installed in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

The park’s 150,000 annual visitors enjoy sports fields, dog park, swimming pool, and playground as well as an abundance of classes provided by the community center.

This year the Indy Parks Department will begin a project to update the park with input from the local community. The project website was to be a primary communication vehicle. 

the website

Roundpeg was also tasked with creating a functional, responsive website that would provide members of the Broad Ripple community access to information about open house events, the planning process, and stakeholder interviews.

Using the WordPress Divi theme we created a bright and colorful site which showcased the park as it is today. The easy to update template allows the project managers to add new photos, event announcements, and news updates easily.


The project begins with a logo

We were approached to create both the logo and website for this project. The logo needed to fit within the Indy Parks branding system, as well as pair well with the Indy Parks logo since they will be presented together.

At the same time, the logo needed to represent the uniqueness of the Broad Ripple Park, with images of water, trees, and ducks. 

The result was a mark that represented nature, movement, open-air, and the White River. The logo is stacked so it fits well next to the Indy Parks logo. The monochrome design was deliberate.

Attractive when displayed on its own, it allows the Indy Parks logo to dominate when displayed side-by-side. This branding style could easily be adapted for other park plans and projects.

Versatile Logo

In addition to the need for a strong digital mark, the new logo looks good in the real world too! It can be presented in white on a blue background for dramatic signage or in the blue for placement on a white shirt.

BRMP IndyParks
sign mockup