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about the project

Century Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturing company that produces an in-house formula for Dakin’s Solution, an antiseptic solution used to clean and treat wounds. 

Available since World War I, Dakin’s Solution was never a commercial success because of the two-day expiration and lack of stability. Century Pharmaceuticals was able to formulate a way to bring the expiration from two days to one or two years, depending on the strength.

Century Pharmaceuticals tasked us with creating a full-page print color advertisement that would be published in a well-known healthcare magazine called WoundSource made for clinicians, nurses, and health care professionals. The advertisement was for two of their products, Dakin’s Wound Cleanser and Wound Cleanser Pro.

We had a narrow window to create, edit, and get this advertisement approved. Even with the short notice, we were able to create something that we were happy with as well as Century Pharmaceuticals.

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Century Ad full page for portfolio

We wanted to create a print advertisement that would catch the attention of the readers while still creating a clean and informative advertisement. We wanted to design an advertisement with a clean layout so the products’ benefits would shine through.

We also chose to incorporate the real people into the advertisement. This was something important to Century Pharmaceuticals and their values as a company. In order to do this, we chose to include a clean and simple image of a patient and nurse. 

When designing the print ad, we wanted to recreate an ad that was based on the redesign of the company’s website. This was something we worked on prior to this project. The redesign of the website allowed us to create a clean yet appealing image.

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