Page Jones

Digital Media Strategist

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An Oklahoma native that’s never seen Oklahoma! Irony, anyone?


Some people like to live dangerously. Page (yes, with no “i”) is one of those people. But, danger in her case isn’t quite performing daredevil motorcycle stunts or cliff diving in her spare time. No, danger for Page is more like a University of Oklahoma grad crossing the Red River to live in Texas or a New England Patriots fan moving to Indianapolis. Sports rivalries are serious business, after all.

Page is Roundpeg’s Digital Media Strategist. She helps manage our clients’ social media accounts, creates social media content, plans and executes social media strategies and helps clients meet their digital marketing goals. With stops in the journalism and PR world, Page brings diverse experience and perspective to the ‘Peg.

This Sooner is an Indy transfer after a brief stint in Dallas, so suggestions of restaurants are greatly welcomed! When she isn’t helping our clients, Page can probably be found binging through The West Wing for the gazillionth-time with her beloved cat Dexter (named after the cartoon character, not the other show) and dog Winston or refining her craft as a watercolor painter.



“No, ‘cheese dip’ is something you get at a baseball game to go with your s****y soft pretzel. ‘Queso’ is an art form.”