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Most likely to longboard to work.


Cherilyn is the Roundpeg Swiss Army Knife: practical, versatile and kind of small. With a B.A. in Graphic Design from Cedarville University, she splits her time between creating graphics and building websites. She’s been described as “Jenna’s silent sidekick,” and as “having a graceful spirit,” which are possibly the two most diametrically opposed ideas on the planet.

Outside the little white house, Cherilyn might be the most fascinating person alive. She’s a podcast addict and an adept mountain biker. She plays a variety of instruments (from the guitar to the bodhran) and was trained in fighting by a wise old church janitor, which isn’t the plot of an awesome movie but a thing that actually happened.

“This makes me sound way more badass than I actually am, and I’m okay with that.”