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Not Your Average Coal Miner’s Daughter


With awesome, fiery orange hair and several video game tattoos, it’s not hard to pick Britt out of a lineup! But, being a creative and adventurous spirit from a small coal-mining town in Illinois, that is exactly the way she wants it! She even calls herself the real-life Ramona Flowers (from Scott Pilgrim). It’s in her Twitter bio, so you know she takes the title seriously.

As Roundpeg’s Project Coordinator, it’s Britt job to be the go-between with the web team and our clients. She’s here to keep projects on track by managing progress and assigning tasks to the team as well as collecting required materials and information from clients. However, with experience in social media and an eye for design (she previously worked as a graphic designer for HotBox Pizza) she is equipped to assist in other projects at the ‘Peg too.

If you want a hiking companion, a Pokemon GO buddy (ask her about her Riachu collection), a pizza recommendation (pineapple, banana peppers and mushrooms – don’t knock it ‘til you try it), someone to talk old-school video games with or just someone to sing “Africa” by Toto with Britt is your gal. When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her creating art on her iPad with Procreate or hanging out with her pups Lando and Anne Marie.


“I would have been on time, but I had to corral a heard of dachshunds.” 


Britt and Lorraine spent some time chatting about this topic recently. Listen to the episode now: 

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