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Facebook Legal Issues

Facebook Legal Issues Facebook, the popular social media platform, has been the subject of multiple controversies in their 13-year history. There have been lawsuits and settlements over the years, but in the last few months, things seem to be really heating up.  As...

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What if Your Marketing Works?

As a marketing professional, my attention is usually focused on generating leads. While leads are important, at the end of the day your business runs on sales, not leads. Unfortunately, too often business owners focus their efforts on the top of the sales funnel,...

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Google Your Business Listing

Melanie Diehl Your Social Gal In today's episode of More than a Few Words, Melanie Diehl , Your Social Gal talks about the importance of having a Google Business Page.  It won't replace your website, but it is a valuable tool to improve credibility and SEO for your...

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You Need to Be Social

his week our guest is Dylan Careker, the marketing manager at FlexPAC.  Dylan is pretty passionate about his belief that there is a place for every business on social media.

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Multi-Channel Response Campaigns

Your customers are looking for information when they are at their desks, from mobile devices when they are on the go and even in real life.  Do you have tools to reach them wherever they are? 

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Productivity 2018 – New Business Tools for the New Year

Earlier this week I shared some tips on evaluating your existing marketing toolkit. If you haven't read that post, you might want to go back and read that one before you continue.  Then once you have finished evaluating your existing marketing and productivity tools...

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The Darker Side of Psychographic Segmentation

If you are a savvy marketer, you already know that everyone is not your customer. You have probably been through marketing segmentation basics, outlining the demographic characteristics such as age, gender and the level of education or income which make someone most...

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2018’s Big WordPress Change: Gutenberg

What Small Businesses Need to Know About the Gutenberg Update There’s a change coming to WordPress making waves in the tech and marketing community. This change could have a bigger impact on small businesses than any update before. Gutenberg is the name of a new text...

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