Lydia Thurston

Digital Media Strategist

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Shakespeare is overrated. Fight me!


A self-made marketer with humble beginnings handing out coupons door-to-door and managing a rigid, corporate Facebook page for a restaurant, Butler grad Lydia now finds herself at the mountain top: Roundpeg. Ok, maybe we aren’t the mountain top, but we do have cats and love cheese, and Lydia has two cats named after cheese – Gorgonzola and Halloumi – so she’s going to fit right in.

Lydia is one of those weird ones cut from the same cloth as Lorraine in that she lives for the thrill… she gets from pouring over analytics, spreadsheets and numbers, turning them alchemy-like into reports. Hooray! She will no doubt be able to put her skills to work as she joins our content team.

A hippie at heart, when Lydia isn’t working she fancies herself a world traveler, having visited some 10-odd countries either for pleasure or education – including Tasmania where she met her BFF. But she’s also game for a date night in with her man and cats binging whatever show she’s choosing to binge that day.

“I work out just enough to compensate for my love of alcohol.