Increase Your Leads


New sales start with new leads. So where do your new leads come from?

You could spend all day cold calling folks, but you don’t have the time or patience to sit on the phone all day – you’ve got a business to run. Wouldn’t it be nice if you generated leads by people coming to you? In a digital world like the one we live in, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is for people to find you on their own. You just need the right tools.

Let us introduce you to the power of social media advertising.

Using ads on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn that specifically target users based on demographics, interests, or behaviors, you can put your name in front of people who would make an ideal customer and skip past all the rest.

Improving your website’s SEO to make it more “search-engine friendly” is really important too.

Regular blogging, using relevant keywords throughout your web copy, and optimizing each page with an appropriate slug, title, and meta description will help you appear more regularly on Google when potential customers search for these keywords.

If the thought of diving into your SEO is a little daunting don’t worry.  That’s the kind of stuff we love!

Offering free downloads or white papers on landing pages helps you impress visitors and collect email addresses to add to your list.

Let Roundpeg help you generate new leads with content marketing.

Our content team can write blog posts and downloads, design landing pages for your website and develop and execute a social media advertising strategy to help new customers find you.

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Our outlines, worksheets and checklists will help you start your planning process. If you get stuck, we are here to help.


Every page on your website should have a specific purpose and clear next step.


Consumers and businesses alike take their time gathering data before making a purchasing decision.


Discover how to use auto response campaigns to shorten your sales cycle and strengthen customer relationships.