Marketing Tips and How-tos

Your Homepage is a Directory, Not a Billboard

You may have a lot to say on your website, but your customers need to be able to find it. Provide too much information at once, and you’ll either throw them off the road or send them walking back out the door. Leave things out and viewers won’t give the site a second...

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Money in the Bank

If you are like most small business owners, you went into business to sell a product or provide a service and not necessarily to be a financial planner. But the tough truth is that if you are going to create something that has real value you are going to have to...

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4 Reasons You Stink at Networking

I don't know how to say this... but you stink at networking. Don't worry, it may not really be your fault. Maybe you are new to the networking game or big crowds really aren't your thing. Maybe you have been networking for too long and you're starting to lose your...

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5 Benefits to a Personal Social Media Detox

Social media is everywhere.  People can be so consumed with their devices that it is hard to keep their attention for more than 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, being on social media has many positive outcomes like fitting in different communities, gaining...

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Email Segmentation: Divide & Conquer

Everyone is not your customer. Some people might be at some time in the future and others never will be. So if you have limited time and marketing resources, you want to narrow your focus, concentrating on a niche where you can be the best choice. In a recent podcast,...

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