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Learning the Why

I participated in a leadership development program over the last year as I looked to continue my...

Update WordPress, Plugins and Themes

It happens to all of us. We are working on our computer and somewhere on the screen a little window pops up telling us our software is out of date. Most of the time, we completely ignore the notification and just go about our business. It may be ok to ignore the latest version of Microsoft Windows, but what happens when you ignore an update to your Wordpress software or neglect the plugins and themes?

What To Do When Problems Arise

Problems, we all have them. Personal ones, work-related ones, corporate ones, everywhere you look there are issues. Sometimes we try to run from them or avoid them for as long as we can, but that strategy usually ends up backfiring on us in the long run.

Ketchup, Wiener Dogs and Marketing

If you’ve read some of my blog posts you know I’m all about relationships and the dynamics of human emotions. So naturally, any advertising that pulls on the heart strings and throws a little comedy into the mix, well, I’m all about it. The advertisement created by Heinz for the Superbowl this year blended emotional appeal, fun with a little help from wiener dogs in hot dog costumes.

Is it about Mobile, or Mobility?

As a web designer, if you say mobile marketing to me, I immediately think about building a website that’s “responsive.” But mobile marketing is so much more than that. With the launch of the original iPhone, Apple redefined this type of marketing, dramatically expanding what’s possible, allowing businesses to deliver messages to consumers when they are most likely to buy. But that was only the beginning.