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Marketing Humor

This week I was challenged to write a funny blog post. “Be spontaneous,” she said. (Thanks Jenna). While being sarcastic might be somewhat of a habit in day-to-day life, being put on the spot to come up with humorous anecdotes, especially one running 600+ words, can be difficult. This challenge got me thinking though. How does the humor we use everyday affect how we respond to, and remember, the marketing we interact with on a daily basis?

How to Stay Relevant – Design Trends

Some of the biggest difficulties of being a graphic designer are staying up-to-date with the latest trends, deciding which trends are worth following and – *gasp* – creating your own trend. We also have to contend with technology that changes faster than you can say “Adobe CC”. With all of this rapid development, it’s important to stay fresh, creative, and relevant. Here are some suggestions for you.

Feeling Blue? Or Red?

Ever wonder where that saying originated? Why is blue sometimes used synonymously with being sad? The psychology of color and how it affects us has always fascinated me. Feeling blue or red? Understanding the basics of color psychology can make an enormous impact on how we design. One important thing to note is that these are not hard and fast rules. Our backgrounds, cultures and even our personalities affect how we perceive color and the feelings we have toward each one. Over the years, U.S. researchers have come to a general consensus.