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My Love Affair with Divi Blog

Although I had worked in Wordpress before arriving here at The ‘Peg, the Divi theme was a brand new platform for me. Learning the basic ins and outs of Divi was not a great challenge with years of design and animation experience on my side, but like most digital entities, this versatile theme is constantly evolving.

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Divi Font Glossary

For people like me who enjoy seeing their creations come to life on the Internet but don’t dream in HTML, Divi is THE BEST. With a solid understanding of responsive layout and design best practices, I’ve learned to gently coax (and occasionally shove) web pages to suit my intentions.

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Share Engaging Stories on Your Blog With Divi Builder

What do your blog posts look like? Overgrown Tweets or relics imported from Blogger? I’ve got a few of those. They’re just plain text, with no images and low interest. It doesn’t have to be this way!
What we (that’s you, me, we) write is important and useful to our audience. So, let’s make our posts look and feel as important, useful and great as they truly are.

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