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The Best of What We Do

People will often ask, what we love about working at Roundpeg. The first things that usually get mentioned are the other members of the team, the pet-friendly environment, and the regular game included in almost every meeting.

But seriously, we all love the work we do, creating innovative solutions and driving results for clients month in and month out. We do so many different types of projects, we thought it would be fun for each of the team to share a favorite project and what they loved best about it.

Raven – Kuster Design

I am extremely proud of the Kuster Design website. There are so many characteristics that I love that fall in line with what I believe makes for a great design like simplicity, boldness, and functional. The way the site incorporates white space and the use of bold colors really draws the eye to the important information that the visitor is looking for.

I also love the subtle animations we decided to play with, like greyscale photos that increase and decrease in size as you move along the page. Designing the spreads on this website really gave us a fun challenge of working with different techniques like breaking out of the grid and depth of field by creating layers on the page that move as you scroll. 

It was so much fun working on this cool layout and I love how it turned out to be such an elegant and sophisticated spread that still showed creativity and warmness of the client. It will always remain one of my faves!

Kuster Design brag a little post
tish flooring mini contact form design

Sam – Randall’s Facebook Page Growth

One of the projects I am most proud of is a benchmark that has been four years in the making. Back in January of 2017, Randall Bean‘s Facebook page had 750 fans and the posts on their page were met with very limited interaction and engagement. The owners challenged us to help grow the community, throwing out the question “what would it take to get us to 10,000 followers?” which, frankly, made Lorraine and I’s eyes go wide at the time.

Regardless of the daunting nature of the task, we went to work adjusting Randall’s Facebook ads focus and began building ads focused specifically at finding new followers. We didn’t want to just add followers for the sake of growing the page, we wanted followers who would actually participate in the community. So using Facebook’s tools, we built targeted audiences based on the makeup of Randall’s current fanbase and the makeup of their email newsletter, delivering our ads to others who fell within this profile but were not currently following the page.

After one year of putting a couple of hundred dollars a month behind the campaigns, we managed to bring the page up to 3,000 fans. Over the next couple of years, we stuck to the playbook and continued to add followers to the page. By 2019, we hit 5,000. 6,700 in 2020. As of June 2021, now has a following of 7,600 and that crazy goal of 10,000 fans continues to be more and more realistic. That is over a 1,000% growth for those keeping score at home.

While the bulk of late 2019 through today we haven’t been promoting fan growth as aggressively in order to focus on other marketing, that initial push over the first two years was enough to get the page to a state that it wasn’t dependent on advertising to grow. Over these last couple of years, we have only spent a fraction of what we did in the first couple of years, yet the page still continues to add around 1,000 fans each year. Best of all, engagement and interaction with content have exploded as a result, with each post getting consistent likes, shares, and comments.

This is the project that really opened my eyes to the potential of Facebook ads and the powerful results that a limited advertising budget can produce on the platform.

Staci – Küster Design’s Pinterest Growth

As the social media expert here at Roundpeg, I’m in and out of all social media platforms daily. As an interior designer, it was important that Küster Design be on Pinterest. When we first started sharing on Pinterest, it was hard to generate engagement. When I sat down with Lorraine to talk strategy, things changed. I had a clear plan and knew what I needed to do to get Küster’s pins in front of more people.

We went from 844 impressions in one month to over 36,000 impressions the next month. Yep, you read that right. The total audience grew from 509 to over 35,000. Lastly, the number of engagements jumped from 17 to 357. This was all in one month which is crazy. I’m excited to keep working on Pinterest and growing the Küster Design fanbase over the next few months!

Küster Design Pinterest Growth
Here Comes the Bus Spanish language

Simon – Here Comes the Bus Alternate Language Sites

We do a lot of bragging on what Divi can do, and it’s not because Elegant Themes is slipping us some cash to tout their theme’s abilities. Divi’s theme builder feature has allowed us to do some pretty unique design and challenge what we can do with a site’s headers and footers. Coupled with our level of design, Divi is the perfect sidekick for the Roundpeg Digital Marketing Superhero.

It was using the theme builder that allowed me to pitch a solution for alternate language versions of a client’s site. Here Comes the Bus is “today’s undisputed industry leader for school bus tracking mobile applications” – and they’re only growing. To help them expand North and Southward outside of the United States, we took on the creation of French and Spanish language versions of the sites.

We created unique headers and footers for each version and worked with a translation agency to flush out the site’s content. Tracking site activity with Google Analytics, we’ve already seen the benefit of alternate language sites in the United States alone. It was really neat to not only be part of such an effort but to be able to create a solution for a need that didn’t have a standard fix was very cool for me.

Lorraine  – Vioplore Ventures

I love getting a chance to build something from the ground up. That’s what we did with Vioplore Ventures. This company came to us without a name, but they had a strong idea of who they were and what they wanted to represent. So, we started with creative brainstorm session.

We wanted a name that captured the exploration and journey companies take as they seek venture funding for their ideas. And, since they are primarily focused on life science start ups, we looked for words which conveyed the biological aspect of what they do. In a crowded field of life science bio ventures many popular words were already in use. We rose to the challenge and the result is Vioplore.

Vio – From the Latin for Biology and Plore – From the word explore combine to literally mean Biological Exploration.

Once named, we turned our attention to the logo. Using a DNA structure for the “I” we created a simple, elegant and distinctive brand.

Vioplore logo for post

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