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Did you know podcasts have actually been around since the 1980s? Originally called audio blogs the format really took off as the options for distributing content and listening on the go expanded. Today, podcasts are a weekly part of the busy lifestyle of more than 100 million people. Why? Because it is easy to multitask as you listen.

And there are so many choices. Currently, there are over 850,000 active podcasts. So if you have an interest in something, odds are there is a podcast on the subject. But how do you find time to sort through all those programs on sports, business, comedy, live, love, pop culture, science fiction, true crime, or politics? Fortunately, you don’t have to!

The team at Roundpeg has a few favorites we think you might like to try as a starting point. And once you find one you like, the host is sure to recommend other related programs.

Roundpeg Podcast Favorites

Britt – The Magnus Archives

Unlike many of the other podcasts listed below, Magnus Archives is 100% fiction. This London based story follows Jonathan Sims, the newly-appointed head archivist at the Magnus Institue, after his elderly predecessor, Gertrude Robinson passed away. He first thinks she was merely old and unorganized, but as he continues to listen though past statements and interview new people with mysterious stories, it becomes clear that something more sinister is going on in the world around him. Whether your greatest fears be heights, spiders, the dark, or even pigs, there is a bound to be at least one episode of this weekly podcast that will make you shudder.

Raven – The Dave Ramsey Show

For the past couple of years, I have been focused on my finances and how to be financially stable. We all know that going to school can create a heavy burden on your bank account and future plans. So I knew that I needed to put a plan in place that would give me financial freedom as soon as possible. That meant overpaying on student loans and having monthly and yearly goals, and more. This would have been a difficult challenge if I didn’t have the help of Dave Ramsey, a brilliant financial advisor, radio show host, and New York Times best-selling author. If you’re in need of any guidance and just don’t know where to begin on your financial plan, I highly recommend this podcast. Let’s not live to work but work to live, together!

Simon – Malt Couture 

I like beer. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I’ve written about brewery branding and force brewing puns whenever possible. It’s true, just ask the 30+ lbs I’ve gained since becoming a beer nerd. That being said, I love hanging out with the Malty Boys of Malt Couture while doing dishes or driving to that hyped-up beer release.

But it’s not just beer that they’re serving up. The three co-hosts are improvisational comedy veterans and have quality banter on just about everything from video games to professional wrestling. Even if you aren’t beer-obsessed, there’s something for you to quaff on Malt Couture.

Sam – No Such Thing As A Bad Movie Podcast

If you know anything about me, you know I love terrible movies. Not bad movies that are painful to watch, however. I’m talking about bad movies that carry such charm and sincerity that they circle back around to somehow being great. That is why I love the relatively new podcast, No Such Thing As A Bad Movie. Each week, the three Canadian co-hosts choose a movie that falls into the spectrum of good/bad movies, watch it, and then have an in-depth discussion about what about the movie makes it good and bad, while falling into the occasional delightful tangent. Anyone who shares a similar passion for terrible movies should definitely give it a listen!

Staci – Dissect

I’d rather listen to music tha a podcast. I’m not a huge podcast fan but Dissect is an incredible podcast if you still want to listen to music. Cole Cuchna, the producer of Dissect, examines a single album per season, forensically dissecting the music, lyrics, and meaning of one song per episode. As a huge music junkie, this podcast is super interesting to me. The podcast is in its sixth season now, but the third season is my absolute favorite. If you’re a fan of Frank Ocean, I highly recommend checking it out.

Lorraine – Pop Culture Happy Hour

So I am a bit of a podcast junkie. I almost always have something on in the background. With an eclectic mix in my favorites, I will often jump from politics and business to comedy, storytelling, and essays from the NY Times. When I want something a little light I love the Pop Culture Happy Hour. Produced by NPR the hosts jump from movies and television to books and theater. What I love best is the variety of programs, comic books, and plays I have been introduced to because of the show.

The hosts always seem genuinely happy to be hanging and talking about culture, and I am always happy to hang out with them.

What’s your favorite podcast?

These are just a few of our favorites. What would you add to our list?

don’t forget our favorite podcast: MORE THAN A FEW WORDS

Look for it wherever you listen to podcasts

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