How to Engage Your Audience in 2020

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How’s your audience engagement? If it’s not the best, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to find ways to effectively engage their audience on social media.

Audience engagement isn’t something you can learn how to master overnight. It takes time to perfect the practice. Yeah, you might be posting great content but what happens if your audience isn’t engaging with it? Most brands want more engagement from their social media but don’t know what to do. If you’re stuck using the same old strategy, try out a few of these tips to increase your audience engagement.

Focus on What’s Trending 

One simple, but effective, way to engage your audience is by jumping on topical and trending events in the world. Trending topics are a powerful way to engage with audiences in order to build your brand and increase your overall engagement on social media. You’re able to connect instantly with your audience when you’re sharing content that’s trending. This is an easy way to increase your audience engagement since these trends are already top of mind for your audience.

Provide Incentives

Everyone has a competitive spirit whether they’ll admit it or not. Satisfy this competitive urge with fun challenges or contests on social media. And let’s be honest here, people love to win prizes. As incentives go, valuable prizes loom largest, but you may be surprised how even small rewards prove to deliver a sizable lure!

Contests are a great idea for businesses that have a product or service to offer. Many popular brands often host giveaways on their social media accounts. If you create a contest asking people to submit photos, videos, or other interesting content to your social media pages, the chances of others seeing your brand name increases. Not only will your visibility rise, but so will your audience engagement!

Offer Them Something

This goes hand-in-hand with incentives, but your strategy doesn’t have to be all about satisfying your audiences’ competitive spirit. Instead, you can engage your audience the old fashioned way with attractive offers. If your business sells a service, give your audience a discount to use next time they’re thinking about using a service similar to yours. Or, if you sell a product, share a discount code for free shipping or something else that excites people.

Here at Roundpeg, we created the Digital Toolbox – an online marketing community for business owners. We often offer discounts for upcoming webinars and other featured events. Some of our best audience engagement comes from our private Facebook group just for Digital Toolbox members.

Go Live

If you’re active on Facebook, try going live to improve your audience engagement. Every Monday here at the ‘Peg, we do a live video just to add some liveliness to the timeline. Right now, live streaming is one of the top-performing organic posts on the social media platform. The best part of going live is that you’re able to interact with your audience in realtime. All you need is a camera and a Facebook account to get started.

Trying to effectively engage your audience can be a struggle. Trust me. Remember, audience engagement isn’t something you can master overnight. However, with these tips, you can easily boost your organic engagement. 

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How can I improve my audience engagement on social media?

Get creative and try offering your audience some type of incentive.

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