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Ten years ago, social media was a new thing. At the time, there were lots of studies about how big businesses were using the tools, but that wasn’t my world. I wanted to know how small business owners were using digital marketing tools, so I started asking questions. A decade later, I’m still asking those questions and looking for insight in the digital marketing survey results.

Because of the longevity of the study, we have two types of data. The first is a snapshot of where we are at this moment in time. The second is a comparison of what has changed and what has remained the same over the last decade.

Social media advertising, essentially non-existent a decade ago, is now an integral part of the digital marketing landscape. We’ve seen platforms rise and fall as business owners continue to experiment.

What We Learned

While a lot has changed as social media has gone from something you hire an intern to manage to a core element in your marketing strategy. Some things have remained surprisingly constant, like the amount of time business owners are willing to commit to digital marketing.

Here are some of the most interesting results from our 2020 Digital Marketing Survey:


71% spend an hour (or less)

There are more social media platforms, but most people keep usage to under one hour.

facebook is #1

Facebook is now the top choice for small business owners even surpassing LinkedIn.

70% use email marketing

Despite the growth of other tools, the vast majority of small businesses are sending some type of email campaign regularly.


57% have a blog

Fewer companies have blogs, and those that do are blogging less often.

instagram is rising

While not the number one platform 69% say they have an Instagram account. 

monthly email is most common

For more than 30%, the monthly email campaign is the standard.

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What marketing trends are we seeing in 2020?

We’ve learned that Instagram is not the top social media platform, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t using it. Almost 70% of those with other social media accounts also have an Instagram account that they use often. We also learned that Facebook has now surpassed LinkedIn as the top social media platform for small businesses. There are a few other trends that 2020 will bring us as time passes by.

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