So, the time has come. You’ve started an awesome business, and now you’re ready to up your marketing game. You’re ready for your professionally designed logo and you’ve hired a trustworthy marketing agency to help you do it. Congrats! You’ve leveled up and you realize the importance and power that a well designed logo can hold. If this is your first business or first time handling the responsibility of (re)branding, you may not know how to prepare for the design process. We’ve gathered some tips below to help you communicate the needs of your new logo as you start this exciting journey.

A seasoned design firm will be able to walk you through their process with the help of a creative brief or kickoff documents, but it’s worthwhile taking a bit of time to prepare for the initial conversation to ensure the message, brand essence, and other needs of your future logo are communicated fully. Keep in mind that not all designers are mind readers. The more information you can provide them up front, the more successful your logo design will be.

Don’t be shy

You, your team, and your company are awesome. Tell your logo design team about it. Come prepared to discuss who you are, what you do, and why you do it. These are the very minimal basics. Take some time to dive a little deeper and identify your brand by thinking about your brand as a personality and how you want to be perceived by your customers. Talk with your designer about who will be using your products and services, who your competition is, and what sets you apart from them. Discuss how you uniquely solve your customers’ problems and why you started your business in the first place.

Do your homework

Look at logo design within your industry, among your competitors, and even outside of those realms. Write down the names or take screenshots of logos that speak to you. Take a moment to try to decipher what you like about them– is it because it reminds you of a brand you grew up with? Do you like the sleek modern font? Are they the colors that you imagine when you see your brand out in the world? It’s not your job to design the logo, but if you start to envision something, it’s important to tell your logo designer. While it may not be a good solution, your reasons behind that can shed light on your likes/dislikes and even inspire the team during the concept-generating phase.

Keep an open mind

I mentioned that it’s important to communicate any ideas you may have for your logo. This will not be the direction your new logo is taken in 99% of the time. A designer may even polish your cocktail napkin-esqe sketch, to try and find the solution you were seeking. And it is great to see this kind of thinking from non-designer types because sometimes it can give insight into what you think the most important message should be. With that said, please keep an open mind when you receive initial concept sketches that look nothing like your sketch nor like all the other XYZ businesses in your town. Rest assured, there is research and rationale making up the foundations of your designer’s sketches. Trust us, there is no rule written in stone that says a logo for an HVAC company has to be red and blue. A good logo design should uniquely reflect your brand.

Seek professional help

This should go without saying, but if you haven’t already … you need to hire a professional when it comes to your logo design. Yes, yes, Carolyn Davidson may have been a student when she designed the infamous Nike logo, but chances are you’re not going to be so lucky by hiring your office manager’s nephew who’s “really good” at drawing. Professional designers not only have the technical skills, but we are problem solvers trained in the psychology behind design and how to effectively communicate brand messaging through solid design concepts. Or…if you like, which kind of “pretty” will best appeal to your target customers.

More often than not, your logo is the first opportunity for you to start telling the story of your brand. Whether you consider it the face of the company or the cover to your brand-as-a novel, make sure it’s a compelling one.

If your business is ready for a new logo or redesign, let’s chat!