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At Roundpeg we have been hyper focused on small business digital marketing for more than a decade, but even after all that time there is still so much to learn. In order to keep up, I have built a pretty long list of blogs, forums, groups, podcasts, and video channels that I drop in on from time to time to stay ahead of the latest trend. In today’s post I am going to share some of my favorite digital marketing resource sites.

The best content experts distribute information on multiple platforms, blogs, podcasts, videos, and groups, so I have listed the resources based on where I enjoy them best.

Small Business Digital Marketing Blogs

  • As a writer I have always enjoyed Copyblogger’s approach to content marketing. Each blog is well written, easy to read, and connected to their overall philosophy on using content to build a remarkable online presence.
  • If you are a data geek, interested in benchmarks and studies, then the Content Marketing Institute should be on your reading list. In addition to the data, this blog is filled with tons of actionable advice.Things you can do today!
  • Convince and Convert is focused on both marketing (convincing) and selling (converting).  Informative articles on branding and customer experience, are sprinkled in alongside discussions of  how to use the latest technology.
  • Digital marketing is designed to generate leads and sooner or later the process comes down to your landing page. If you want to learn more about the construction of effective landing pages, the best sources is Unbounce. While they cover a wide range of topics related to lead generation, Pay-Per-Click marketing, and growing your online business through platforms like AdWords, they specialize in tutorials on specific aspects of landing page design.
  • The phrase, inbound marketing, was originally coined by the team at HubSpot. Even today, as many others have joined the conversation, they are the undisputed leaders in this field.  Their blog covers a broad range of topics relevant to marketers beyond inbound, from customer service to hiring good talent and productivity.

Digital Marketing Podcasts

  • Fractal Marketing, hosted by Gerard Doyle, takes questions from listeners and answers them live on air so that everyone who tunes in can learn new and innovative ideas for marketing their business. Covering everything from SEO, affiliates and social marketing to branding, PR and market segmentation Gerard Doyle brings his 20 plus years of marketing expertise  to the program.
  • Buffer is one of my favorite social media tools, intuitive and simple to use, so I am not surprised that their podcast, Science of Social Media, is equally approachable. I love the format as the two hosts tackle a topic in a conversational, but very scripted and organized manner. There isn’t much personality, but the step by step instructions are great.
  • While many people turn to Michael Stelzner’s team for great blogs and informative white papers, I have definitely become a fan of their Social Media Examiner Podcast.  Each episode opens with a conversation about a new tool they have discovered. This is my favorite part of every episode because I enjoy kicking the tires on new tools.
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention More than a Few Words. In this marketing conversation, I get to chat with industry leaders from around the globe. The short 10 minute format makes the content easy to listen to on the go, or to binge several episodes when you have the time.

Video Resources for Small Businesses

  • The folks at Moz are really smart, but sometimes their articles are a little dense and too geeky even for me. That’s why I really like their Whiteboard Friday. They release video content every Friday which covers a range of online marketing topics in a straightforward and approachable format. This is some of the best, most informative SEO information you will find anywhere on the net.
  • Neil Patel is the most approachable geek. When he talks about SEO it isn’t scary and it isn’t intimidating. Everything seems simple and straightforward. Whether you follow him on LinkedIn or subscribe to his YouTube channel, you are sure to learn something new every time you watch a video.

Small Business Digital Marketing, Training, and Membership Communities

  • MarketingProfs is really the go-to source for information on almost any marketing topic. Developed by marketing professionals, visiting this site is like a trip to the marketing library. Their training content is top notch. If you are a marketing professional looking to expand your skill set, this is the place to go.
  • Traffic and Leads University is a FREE Facebook group for coaches, consultants, and digital service business owners looking to build and monetize their brand. This group is hosted by One-Click Lindsey of
  • Digital Toolbox was created specifically for business owners.  This membership community offers both a free subscription level for beginners and a paid membership level for business owners ready for the next step. Digital Toolbox combines library of resources, monthly training, and an interactive Facebook group.

With so many resources available it is easy to stay informed. This information won’t do the work for you, but you will be better prepared to decide where to start.

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