More than a Few Words – Episode: 404

Preventing Burnout

Aug. 23,  2019

Burnout has been recognized as a legitimate medical issue. This week my guest, Dr. Ganz Ferrance shares his Me Method, as a way to reduce the chance that you will suffer from burnout.


Lorraine Ball


Dr. Ganz Ferrance
Ask Dr. Ganz

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

From busy moms to business owners, these tips are good for your health. 

Dr. Ganz Ferrance is an award-wining Psychologist, author, and former Vice-President of the Psychologist’s Association of Alberta. He has been a monthly contributor on CTV News for over 10 years and and has been featured nationally on Good Morning Canada. “Dr.Ganz” also regularly appears on CBC radio and has been a consistent “Health and Lifestyle” expert on Alberta PrimeTime (CTV2) for the past 4 years. Obtaining his Ph.D. from the Andrews University in Michigan, Dr. Ganz has been helping individuals, couples, families and organizations reduce their stress, improve their relationships and enjoy more success for over 20 years.

He gets a kick out of seeing people be their best and gives his information in a straight-forward, down-to-earth, no-nonsense way. Dr. Ganz prides himself on being a fellow “work-in-progress” and does not present anything that he has not personally put his blood, sweat and tears into. This approach has made him a sought-after public speaker – with audiences in the United States and Canada enjoying his fun, engaging, and life-changing presentations on beating stress and building superior relationships.

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