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The Secrets to Email Success

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What’s in this kit:

The Secret to Email Success Shape up your email so you can generate more leads, nurture interested prospects and even close more sales. 

More Resources For You


Go Where Your Customers Are – After more than 15 years of email marketing, there are still new tools to explore and employ.  Roundpeg’s Page and Sam explore some of these new features.

     Blog Posts:

Why Email Marketing is Still Important – Sometimes overlooked and questioned, email marketing is an important and relevant tool that, when used along side other marketing tools, is part of a balanced and healthy content marketing diet. But what is it about email that makes it such a darn nice part of your content marketing? Read More

Don’t Buy Email Addresses – Purchased mailing lists may work for a direct mail campaign. That strategy won’t work for email. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy email addresses. Read More

Video: Email Fitness 

Time to shape up your email program From cleaning up your contacts to simplifying your layouts These tips will make your email marketing programs more effective.

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