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Better Looking Emails – First impressions matter. So if you want a positive response to your email campaign you need to make a positive first impression.

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Email Design Tips – “You’ve got mail” Has it really been almost twenty years since we first heard those words? Like any relationship, our feelings about email have certainly changed. From something, we looked forward to, to something we now sometimes dread. But through it all, regardless of how we feel, we have remained loyal, opening our email every day.

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Let Customers Help You Build Email Newsletters – Some people like to think creating email newsletters is easy. Just choose a topic, type it up, add a picture, throw in a button, and let ‘er rip like some recipe for spaghetti sauce. If only it were that simple.  Read More

More Email Data – We took a deep dive into our own email data and found a few surprises that can affect all email strategies. Read More

Video: Look Good in the Inbox

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