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Brand Enhancement Package
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What’s in this kit:

Rebrand Infographic – Trying to decide if it is time for a redesign?  Use our infographic to step through a few simple questions to help you decide.

Brand Building Worksheet – While many people may buy from you, your product is more appealing to some rather than others.  If you can define the individuals and companies most likely to buy it is easier to define your brand.

Brand Enhancement Package – A consistent visual identity is a key to successful branding. To build brand recognition you have to look like you, regardless of where you are being represented.

Brand Kit Contents – Your brand is an asset as well, and unlike computers, furniture, or company cars, the value of this asset will increase over time as your company grows.

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Your Brand is More Than a Logo – Your brand is what you want people to think about your company, and feel about your company.  The logo, color, and font choices should all support the impression you want to create.

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Video: Every Brand Needs a Refresh

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