I am an Apple user. From my phone to my laptop, I’ve got Apple products across the board. And it is a family affair, even my 7 year old brother has an iPad. We are not alone, there is a cult following for the Apple brand. There’s certainly something very powerful to be said about the brand loyalty that surrounds the new Apple products as they launch every year or so; if people line up outside a store until the release of a new product, it has to be worth it.

With the recent Apple event to announce the launch of new and updated products, it’s certainly easy to view their strategy as a little bit over the top. If you look past those dedicated fans who buy the new iPhone and into the strategies that make this company work, there are some really great lessons to learn.

Consistent Branding Choices

Over the course of the years, Apple has basically always maintained a similar style. The brand itself is rather minimalist, as you can see by their website. It doesn’t take dozens of shouty colors or uppercase letters to draw everyone in; sometimes less is truly more. This style really makes you focus on the product, with its beautiful design. I mean, there’s definitely a reason Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

The human eye follows patterns when viewing websites, whether that is something you are conscious of or not. There are different patterns – most popularly Z or F – that can be used to help users really gain the most from your website. The style of Apple’s website is specifically used to direct your eyes where they want them, and this is certainly not their first rodeo. It’s okay to not know exactly how to get your website where you would like it to be. Fortunately, there are resources available for you to create your best website.

Customer Experience

Whether you love it or hate it, Apple has a unique retail experience. Having a problem? Take it to the Apple store. I guarantee there will be more than a dozen employees ready and waiting to help you with your problem. Sure, you could send your phone off to the factory to get looked at, but in this modern age, who wants to be without their phone for days at a time? At the Apple store, your phone could be fixed in one day or less, and the employees are all shining stars of positivity. And the design of the store itself? It’s all about the design. You’re encouraged to test out the products, and when you’re ready to buy, you can do it from anywhere in the store.

As a business owner, whether your business is able to directly extrapolate these unique principals or not, these values can be something to learn from. What makes you uniquely qualified to sell your product to your customer? If you’re not sure, we can help.

Learn from Apple, but Don’t Try to Be Apple.

Whether you love or hate Apple there is an important lesson every business should learn from their example. They have chosen simplicity to be their guiding style element, and they have executed it consistently in everything they do. Simplicity may or may not be right for your brand, but consistency will apply to every business.

The Apple brand did not emerge fully formed 35 years ago. It was built with branding choices, one decision at a time. Each choice building on the already established foundation. Be patient with yourself and your company. Pick a style and a direction and take the first step, no matter how small.

Our brand guide will help you organize the pieces you already have. Get organized today.

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