The world was recently and briefly turned upside down with the announcement that a longstanding pinnacle of both high-fashion and supreme comfort was downsizing. What household brand name could possibly represent both the common man and high society simultaneously? So much power packed into just one simple word: Crocs.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. These shoes might be comfortable, but Crocs are not fashionable, right? I would normally agree, but somehow this brand has become more than it was ever even meant to be. The people that love this shoe are loyal to the brand. I know more than one person who not only wears Crocs on a daily basis but proudly chooses this shoe over any other option. So what’s it all about?

Brand Collaboration

When two brands get together to make a new product, it is seen as a highly desirable item. The walls between the brands have been broken down for the good of humanity. The one shoe to rule them all. For example, the collaboration of Chanel and Adidas brought together one of the most expensive shoes of 2017. Yes, that’s all well and good, but surely Crocs don’t have that much clout, right? Don’t call me Shirley.

Just earlier this year. Crocs were seen at Paris Fashion Week in a collaboration with Balenciaga. People are not only wearing these ridiculous shoes on the runway, but they’re also wearing them on the street and turning heads. The thought that this is all a joke halts when people are actually spending real money on these monstrosities. I’m far from a fashion expert – I’ll leave that to one of the office’s Project Runway fans – but I don’t know that even they’ll understand. Either way, Crocs are haute couture now, but are we really that mad about it?

This all goes to show that perhaps there is true value in being open minded and willing to work with others. It’s okay to bounce ideas off of those around you when it comes to your brand. We work together on the same team here at Roundpeg. We all have different experiences and skills that can come together to bring the world a collaboration as iconic as Crocs and Balenciaga.

Social Media

Crocs have a popular Twitter account that responds to customer service requests, and they also have an encouraging message: “Come as you are.” They know they’re not fooling anyone. Additionally, their website encourages the same positive message, but this time Drew Barrymore is endorsing it, too! 

Crocs are the everyman’s shoe. Celebrities and common folk can agree that this footwear is a lifestyle choice for all. We know that having great social media can really elevate your brand, like with this year’s March Madness sweetheart, UMBC. Use that social media to connect with people, and maybe you’ll strike gold, too.

Brand Loyalty and Dedication

Just recently, a tidal wave of love rose up for Crocs because everyone thought that this was the end. People became frenzied that this would be the end for these comfortable and responsible shoes. What a world.

Fear not, dear reader. Those speculations were nothing more than gossip. You too can continue to buy these wonderful shoes for (hopefully) a long, long time.

Ultimately, whether you decide to support Crocs or not is your own prerogative. No matter your feelings or opinions about their shoes, I think we all can agree that this footwear brand has forever changed the game. They’re doing something right, and that idea simply cannot be ignored. From comfort to style, these shoes have it all. Maybe one day, I will own a pair. But also… Maybe not.

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