Let Your Employees Tell Your Story

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Your employees are a big part of your social media personality

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A potential customer can learn a lot about your company and services from an email or flyer. But, can they really tell who you ARE?

For a small business, setting yourself apart from competitors is a must to survive. Establishing a strong personality, culture, and reputation is an effective way to do so. Current customers may have an idea, but how do you communicate that to potential customers or even people who have no idea who you are? Social media is the place to start, and your employees are your strongest asset for creating a social media personality. I’m not talking about them doing work either. I’m talking about them just being them.

One of the biggest advantages of social media is it is the perfect platform showing (not just telling) the world who your company is and what you are all about. Social media can let you show potential customers not only what it is like to work with you but who they’ll be working with. This can make them feel more comfortable with you and more open to bringing their business to you. Showcasing your social media personality through your employees on social media can also be a recruiting tool, appealing to job searchers as an ideal workplace.

Here’s a couple ways you can start.

Document the every day

You’d be surprised what kind of picture-perfect opportunities are present around the office every day if you just walk around with a camera handy.

Your office or work space is a representation of your established culture and brand. Taking candid photos around the office and sharing them over social media is one of the best ways to pull back the curtain and let your followers into your work space. Every day activities and happenings are perfect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be planning and thinking about opportunities. Any time there is an office party, birthday, retirement, or what have you, don’t forget to bring the camera.

Want to take it a step further? Create an office hashtag. This enables employees to interact on their personal accounts with your business account and can help bring outsiders into the conversation as well.

Show them off

An issue some companies have, particularly in the home service industry, is getting a potential customer comfortable with the idea of one of your employees being in their home. If potential customers already feel like they know your staff before they even meet them in person that transition can be made much more smoothly. That is why I love employee bios.

Learning about your staff through these social media posts (which also make great blog post material) customers may become more comfortable with the idea of scheduling an appointment, inviting your team into their homes, or putting their trust in you.

Employee bios are also just wonderful content for social media. It’s called Facebook for a reason: people love seeing faces. Tagging your employees in these posts will not only encourage them to like and share, but this will make the post visible to their friends and family who will also be likely to like and share. This will help get your content and your page in front of faces who may not have seen it otherwise.

Mix business and fun

Your efforts of introducing your staff through social media can also be more than just for fun. Videos and podcasts can be a strong way to merge business and fun. Customers can listen to your employees talk about a subject they have expertise in, learn, and pick up bites of their personality that will inevitably come through along the way. The ease of use and access of tools like Facebook Live and Stream Yard has made recording video interviews with your employees easier than ever!

Obviously, some people may be more camera-friendly than others, so video and podcasts may not be for everyone or may require some time to nail down and get into a groove. But, even in the times of growing pains, it is still genuine and solid content. Seriously, go back and listen to some of my old More Than A Few Words episodes with Lorraine… not pretty!

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