Free Kittens

Ten years ago there was a sign on the street near the office which read “free kittens.” I know I was supposed to be running a business, but the kittens were free, how could I resist. We already had an office dog named Bonnie, so why not an office cat named Clyde?

Besides, there is tons of research which say that having a cat in the office is great for productivity, so who am I to argue with the data? 

Clyde in Charge

Yes, Clyde is a girl, but we knew right away she was one tough cookie so the name fits. Right from day one, this tiny fluff of fur settled into the role of office supervisor.

Clyde as a Kitten
Clye and the Monitor

Hard at Work

While there was always time to play, Clyde, our office cat always takes her job seriously.

Homeless Clyde
Thanks for calling

Time to Play

Clyde clearly believes in the philosophy of work hard, play hard. She follows a strict exercise routine which involves stretching, gymnastics and jumping. Even at 10 she can still jump to the top of the kitchen cabinets in a single bound..

Clyde and Friends

Over the years, Clyde has had many friends in the office, Bonnie, Maybee, Truman, and Benny. Well perhaps “friends” overstates the relationship. Clyde clearly thinks Roundpeg is her office and she has tolerated the rest of the animal office mates.

bonnie and clyde 1
Truman and Clyde Boxing match
benny clyde

Happy Birthday Clyde

We have folders filled with photos of our girl Clyde. Even as she approaches middle age, she is still in charge. Happy Birthday Clyde