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My resume boasts that I’ve contributed over 200 blog posts to Roundpeg since starting here in 2011. I never thought I’d eventually write this one! Though I knew it would come, I suppose. Here we go!

Do you remember 2011? “Party Rock Anthem” was a hit and everyone was still confused about how to pronounce Gotye. I had just moved to Indianapolis from Michigan. At the time, I was pursuing another internship in the area, but the opportunity didn’t work out.

Instead, I found part-time work at Panera Bread and searched out new internships. One of those was at Roundpeg. I submitted my oh-so-brief resume and a colorful cover letter designed to show off my graphic design skills. It must have worked, because I got a call back from from Lorraine.

The interview process at Roundpeg includes an in-person visit to the office. My own 2011 interview for a graphic design internship was in Lorraine’s office with Jenna Giles and Allison Carter. Clyde was there too, as master of ceremonies. The team was much smaller then. Thank you to Lorraine, Rebecca, Jenna, Allison, Sharayah, Clyde (left cat) and Maybee (right cat) for welcoming me to the team as your graphic design intern back then. I’m sorry I didn’t wear the dinosaur costume to the gas station.

petersgoodbye cats

Thank you Lorraine, for inviting me to step into the world of WordPress and web design. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn, lead, screw up, grow, and succeed. Thank you Rebecca for knitting us scarves, cat-hats, and (with Lorraine) caring for all of us just so darn well. Thanks to Allison for your wit, smarts, and generous kindness. Thank you Jenna, for running Pandora and the HR department. You taught me how to ‘Peg.

petersgoodbye jenna allison

I remember apple cider vinegar shots with Brittany, twirling in the parking lot with Emily, road tripping to WordCamp with Sara, Brad in the Batcave, and so much more. Just scrolling through the Roundpeg Facebook Page’s photos sends a wave of The Feels. So many great people have gone before me and their success gives me encouragement and confidence in my own next steps. I’m proud of everyone for stepping out and taking your skill and savvy to the world. Roundpeg raised us right.

But where am I going to find people to laugh in the background when I confess my true feelings to clients? ”I’m ok today, thanks. But I left my juice box in the kitchen, so that’s a bummer, you know.”

Who but Tamre will laugh with me at a crowd of puffer vests in the Keystone Chik-fil-A? What’s up with that? Are their arms too hot?

petersgoodbye 2014carbday

I’m proud of all the lovely people I’ve worked with over the years. Shout out to Jarred, Anne, Taylor, Tina, Drew, Lydia, Leisha, Luke, Meredith, Jennifer, and Whitney. Miss you guys. If I haven’t mentioned you so far, you know who you are. You all are doing so great and will do greater. Keep on!

Before I go on, I have to stop for Truman. No one will ever spread their furry body on my freshly-iced Toaster Strudel like that again. He was the best cat.

petersgoodbye truman

Now, as I’ve been sitting in on the interviews to fill a new position here, the candidates encounter a full court press of cats and cat-lovers. It’s the whole team at once. And we need the whole conference room to fit us. Especially now that Benny sits in on every meeting. He’s the best at being the worst.

This growth and maturity is incredible. I love how we’ve expanded our expertise and what we can offer together! The current team is curious, passionate, committed, and caring.

Cherilyn, you’re a unicorn designer with style and pragmatism. Thank you for your continued support of the web team. Page, you’re doing great and I think you’re such a good fit to take Roundpeg further. Simon, I’m continually impressed by your positivity and relationship building with clients. Google is our friend! Thank you. Sam, you’re Roundpeg’s secret sauce, I think. Embrace the sauce, you’re great. Finally, Melanie: I’m really proud of you and I’m super thankful for everything you do. Our clients (our friends) are in good hands.

To the whole team: Thank you! I’m going to miss this fam. Please accept as a bequest our treasured 2015 Lil’ Bub calendar, handed down to me from Jenna who didst receive it from Anne. May it bless you as it has me. You can find it in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet with sundry other curiosities. Enjoy.

But I’m taking my NOW 4 CD.