B2B Marketing Kit
Complete Guide to Healthy Networking
Optimizing your Small Business Linked In Profile
Linked In Content Plan
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What’s in this kit:

Healthy Networking Guide – We’ve all met the networking addicts. They show up at events with no planning or forethought, indiscriminately handing out business cards like candy and hoping they will come home with a sale. In most cases they simply wake up with a networking hangover! – Learn how to network the right way.

Small Business Guide to Linked In – LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other business professionals, the perfect online networking event. But for small business owners, the company page on LinkedIn is so much more. It is the perfect place to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities and educate potential customers on your products and services.

Linked In Content Planning – LinkedIn is a professional social network. It is an ideal place to connect colleagues with each other and businesses with current and potential employees, all while enabling community development and content sharing.

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Building great relationships is the key to any successful business endeavor. Most people don’t have the time to get networking wrong.  Having a game plan for each event you attend and each relationship you develop goes a long way in building your brand, growing you business and establishing trust in the community.

     Blog Posts:

4 Tips For A Sexy B2B Website – How To Make Your Website Stand Out Tell your personal story- Customers want to know where you came from, especially if you’re new. Make sure your website includes the brief origin story of your company. Display pictures and short bios for the founders and principles. Link to their individual LinkedIn page and other social profiles. Read More

Is Your Business Right for LinkedIn? -LinkedIn, however, does not get a lot of acclaim or attention but has carved out a very unique and successful niche for itself. For many businesses, LinkedIn is the top social media dog, edging out even mighty Facebook. LinkedIn doesn’t get a lot of the glitz and glam of other social media sites, but it can be a powerful tool for a business. It can provide you with an additional dimension of reach, being able to hit different demographics and users that you wouldn’t usually access. Read More 

Video: LinkedIn Tips – Rule #30 – Lorraine Ball’s Success

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