goldilocks type

Your social media is a representation of you. Your company, your values, your thoughts, and your connections, all come with it. How do you decide, though, what should be shared? How much is right for you and your business? It’s hard to decide that for yourself. As I, too, have struggled to find a balance in the past, let’s work on finding it together.

Stream of Consciousness  

Should you go for the post-everything approach? That would be oversharing, and chances are you can think of at least one person right now who falls into that category. From new parents to businesses, anyone can be guilty of letting their social media platforms become their own personal diaries. When you’re thinking about sharing every minute detail, maybe think again.

Should you spread yourself thin just to cover every single social media platform available, from Facebook to Vero to Snapchat to Instagram and more? If you can’t devote yourself to creating quality content to engage with your audience on one platform, you should maybe rethink what you’re trying to gain from social media. If your target audience is mainly people 50+, you could probably take a step back from advertising on Snapchat.

Ghost Town  

Should you post once a month when it’s something that you do just to stay somewhat active? That technique is maybe not quite right either. In order to keep people engaged with your content, you need to be more active. You should tweet at least once a day if that’s your platform of choice. If you don’t want to commit to a full 280 character message, you don’t have to. We can just pretend that we’re back in the good old days of 140. You should post on Facebook at least once a week if you’re trying to take small steps into it. There are plenty of things to be shared, you just have to decide.

Should you just retweet on Twitter for the sake of having some activity? Your social media can (and should!) showcase your personality more than that. Your followers follow you for you. Social media is a way to be engaged with the people around you, and you should be able to have fun with it.

Just Right 

Social media is at times trial and error. While social media may be different from blogging, it needs to attend, too. You should be blogging and using social media every day to keep your audience engaged. Your personality should shine through, and you should post with consistency. Content calendars can help you get there. If you’re looking for more help, we’re here for you.

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