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7 Steps to Survey Success
Polls and Survey Selection Guide

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What’s in this Customer Feedback Kit:

White paper:

7 Steps for Survey Success – Your customers have opinions. You need to know what they are. Polls and surveys are a great way to collect customer feedback to find out what they are thinking.

Polls and Surveys Selection Guide – If you have ever wondered what are your customers thinking, polls and surveys can help you find the answer. But there are so many tools out there, so how do you decide whether you should use a simple social media quiz or comprehensive online survey tools?

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Polls and Quizzes – Talking About Ourselves

Trying to get prospective customers to engage with you on Facebook or your website?  Josh Haynam of suggests you ask people questions which help them learn something about themselves.

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What do you think about polls? 

What do you think if polls? Love them? Hate them? Really don’t care?
See what I did there? I asked a question and a few choices to make it easier for you to answer. That is the key to a good poll.

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Blog Posts:

Mastering the Art of Feedback – If you’re in a creative industry, you are more than familiar with the giving and receiving of feedback. Not every project can be puppies and rainbows. The key is to roll with the situation and keep it under control by balancing your expertise with the wishes of the customer. READ MORE

What to do with Good Customer Feedback – If you aren’t making your customers happy, you won’t be in business long. Transform the feedback into action plans for improvement and marketing content. READ MORE 

How to Encourage Good Customer Feedback – The more you know about your customer’s reaction to your product or service, the more you can tweak and change the way you do things to increase satisfaction. Many people are willing to tell you what they think if you are willing to ask. READ MORE 

Video: Online Surveys that Work

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