Trade Show Kit

What’s included:

Trade Show Handbook

Podcasts – Listen Now

  • Simple Guide to Trade Show Success
  • Trade Show Before and After

Blog Posts – Read Now

  • Working a Trade Show?
  • Start Planning Your Trade Show Strategy Now
MMR TradeShow Social

Trade Show Kit

MMR TradeShow Social

What’s included:

Trade Show Handbook

Podcast #1 Simple Guide to Trade Show Success — Listen Now
Podcast #2 Trade Show Before and After — Listen Now
Blog Post #1 Working a Trade Show? – Read Now
Blog Post #2 Start Planning Your Trade Show Strategy Now – Read Now

What’s in this kit

White paper:

Trade Show Handbook – Before you reserve your space and write a check, be sure you know what you want to accomplish. Have specific objective in mind. While any of these items listed below are good objectives, one exhibit, at one show won’t accomplish any of these things.


Simple Guide to Trade Show Success

Trade shows and conferences can be tedious and time-consuming, but they can also be profitable if you do a little bit of proper planning. This week we talk about some of our trade show experiences- both good and bad- to explain how businesses can make shows profitable.

Trade Show Before and After

Are you gearing up for spring trade shows? Want to make the most out of your investment? Whether you’re planning a booth at a conference or a massive display at a home show, you’ll find today’s program helpful. Join us as we talk with promotional marketing expert Shawn Quick Raflik about what to do before, during and after your trade show to get the biggest bang for your buck.

From the Blog:

Working a Trade Show? Don’t Forget These Items – The success of any trade show depends on the positive outlook of the people working the booth and if they’re not happy because their new shoes are killing their feet, and it’s the only pair they have—the show will suffer. Randy Clark believes a good pair of shoes is essential.  Here’s his list of what else you absolutely need to take to a trade show. Read More

Start Planning Your Trade Show Strategy Now – Thinking about exhibiting in a trade show this fall?   Now is a great time to start planning.  All too often clients wait until the show is almost upon them to start planning.  In the rush to be ready, mistakes get made and somethings just can’t be done in time. So this year, give yourself plenty of time to do it right. Read More

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