Personal Branding

What’s included:

  • S.W.O.T. Matrix Worksheet
  • Positioning Statement Workbook

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What’s in this kit


Today, Erik Deckers is recognized across the country as a humorist, author, and marketer. But just a decade ago, that wasn’t the case.  So how did Erik make that transition, and build his personal brand?


Position Statement Workbook – You will sell more when you talk about why you are uniquely qualified to solve a problem. A position statement defines your company in terms which are relevant to prospective customers. This workbook includes A step by step process you can use to create an effective positioning statement unique to your company.

S.W.O.T. Matrix Worksheet –
Most business owners dream of a way to predict the future.  While we can’t give you a crystal ball, our S.W.O.T matrix worksheet will prepare you for whatever comes your way.


 Why CEOs Need a Strong Personal Brand  – This article by Rodika Tollefson of Tollefson Creative Solutions details the importance of having an internal brand and how to develop yours.


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