Who is this guy, and why do I care?

A child was born a gelatinous lard ball with hair the color of gleaming amber and skin the tone of aged caulk to two mild-mannered Hoosiers in Indianapolis. This is his story:

Hey! My name is Simon Efroymson, the new kid here at the ‘Peg. I am a recent Indiana University graduate, majoring in both Political Science and Jewish Studies (Politics and religion: the two things people hate talking about). I spent most of my college life playing in various rock and alternative groups and DJing whenever and wherever I was presented with the opportunity. I miss Bloomington, but what IU grad doesn’t have nostalgia tugging on their heartstrings when the leaves start to change in autumn or when one hears from a friend that the Hoosiers lost another football game?

After school, I started on the campaign trail in the bloody 8th district here in Indiana, where I did most of my work online as the digital media staffer. Having not had enough punishment, I went to work in non-profit at the Jewish Community Center in Indianapolis mid-2016 where I worked in development and advancement.

I enjoy a mostly sedentary lifestyle; when I do choose to be active, I like skateboarding and going camping. My more stationary hobbies include learning and practicing various stringed instruments, using computers to make sounds that I can’t get out of a traditional tangible instrument, traveling to places near and far, and watching a mind-numbing amount of Star Trek. Qapla’! (Klingon for “Success,” a common salutation). 

That is cool and all, but who are you?

I am a cat fanatic and avid NPR listener. I would sooner drink a stout than an IPA. I enjoy writing and have a mild obsession with wasabi peas. I have an intense love of European history and corny horror movies. I am of the opinion that just about anything edible deserves at least one try. I favor the dry skin and chapped lips of winter over the back-sweat and insufferable heat of summer. I prefer an evening filled with brews and chess over a night of pubs and jest. Coffee is my muse. Food is my comfort. Beer is my vice.

But enough with the one-line anecdotes. As you may be able to tell, I am a nudnick (someone that causes others to be irritated) at the dinner table but a bit less bothersome in the workplace. Although I didn’t exactly go to school to work in marketing, I feel blessed to be welcomed into such a resplendent group here at Roundpeg. I am talking about the cats, of course. The people are pretty cool too.

With all seriousness, I am stoked to be a part of the Roundpeg team – human and feline – and will do my darnedest to ensure that our clients get the Roundpeg level of expertise and professionalism.

Shoot me a follow on Facebook and LinkedIn. I am on Twitter and Instagram (@sefroyms).