Kicking off the 2018 Internet Marketing Survey

by Nov 3, 2017Content | Social Media | Email, Blog

  In 2010, we saw social media becoming an integral part of the marketing for businesses of all sizes. While there was already lots of data on what companies like Coke and Pepsi were doing online, there wasn’t much about small businesses embracing the new platforms.  That’s when we launched our first internet marketing survey. Since then we have collected data from thousands of small business in our annual survey.  We’ve seen the rise of new platforms, the shifting influence of email, social media and paid social advertising. Every year brings new insights. The biggest surprise in  2017 was the dramatic shift to Facebook as both LinkedIn and Twitter fell. 50 InternetMarketingReport 2017 Social Chart 2 Will this trend continue in 2018?  What else will we learn? We won’t know the answers to those and other questions unless you take the time to complete the survey.   It is only 20 multiple choice questions so it will take just a few minutes to complete.   

As thanks for your time, we will share the 2017 report as well as a copy of the 2018 report when it is complete in January. Artboard 1