Peer Marketing:

Let Other People Tell Your Story

What’s included:

Podcast: User-Generated Content Marketing – Listen Now
Blog: How to Build Traffic with UGC – Read Now
Complete Guide to Healthy Networking
Social Networking Guide

Video: User Generated Content

Peer Marketing

Let Other People Tell Your Story

What’s included:

Complete Guide to Healthy Networking
Social Networking Guide
Podcast – User Generated Content Marketing – Listen Now

What’s in this kit

Podcast: User-Generated Content Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you only have so much credibility when you are talking about yourself. Sometimes you have to step back and let other people, your customers or referral partners do the talking for you.

Lorraine share tips on how to cultivate user-generated content in her conversation with Lindsey Anderson on the Traffic and Leads Podcast


User Generated Content with One-Click Lindsey

by One-Click Lindsey

White papers:

Social Networking Guide – There are lots of powerful business connections you can make from behind your desk if you follow this simple process. Our 12 Step Social Media Process helps you decide when, where, why and how to use social networks for business.

Complete Guide to Healthy Networking – Business opportunities start with a simple hello. Building great relationships is the key to any successful business but it takes time and effort. Eliminating the trial and error of networking can help you build better relationships faster.

Blog Post:

Build Traffic with User Generated Content – Many business experts agree one of the best ways to grow a business is with “OPM” (Other people’s money). You can reduce your risk, multiply the impact of your capital with loans from banks or resources from investors and accelerate the growth your business.

In a way, this same strategy can apply to your online marketing. To accelerate the expansion of your brand you need “OPC” (Other people’s content). In marketing circles, the technical term is user-generated content (UGC).


Let Others Work for You –  Lorraine spoke at the Ball State Digital Marketing Summit on Feb 1, 2018. This is a recording of her presentation about different types of user-generated content (UGC).

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