I came to Roundpeg about two months ago without much of a marketing background. The past two months for me have been a fire hose of information. Learning how to work with clients, balancing my time and energy between businesses and Roundpeg, remembering to check what Twitter I’m logged into before I tweet (oops)…it can all be a bit much, but something I’m more than happy to take in stride.

Also over the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m surrounded by incredibly intelligent people who know. their. sh*t. Working with this team has been an absolute joy, but time and time again I have noticed that the best teachers are the cats. Unbeknownst to them (of course), they’ve taught me a few lessons about marketing, and even a few life lessons! 

So without further ado, here’s what Benny and Clyde have taught me:  

1. Brain Breaks are necessary to productivity.

The human brain was not made to work for 10 hours straight with no distractions or breaks. Or at least my brain was not made that way. Taking a small break every few hours helps to reignite creativity and help break up the monotony. For example: every Monday I schedule out a week’s worth of social media for all our content clients. That comes to about 9 Facebooks, 2 Twitters, and one LinkedIn. It takes so much time, and can occasionally even be a bit boring. Taking a break between clients helps me recharge for the next! 

You have to take brain breaks

2. You can’t hide from your problems.

I guess this is applicable to both marketing and real life. The more you put off something, the worse it’s going to get in the long run. Yes, you really do have to look at your social media and website analytics, even if the numbers make your brain go numb. And yes, you really do need to sit down and write that blog, even if you’re not someone who enjoys writing. The more you put it off, the more you’ll dread that deadline.

you cant hide from an issue

3. With coffee, (almost) anything is possible. 

My morning mantra every day is “Grande Quad Latte.” I say it over and over until I pull into Starbucks. And yes, I did, in fact, say “Quad.” AKA 4 shots of espresso. I also have one of these prior to even leaving the house. For me, I know I need to get 8 shots of espresso in my body before I can start my day.  

Maybe coffee isn’t your thing.  Maybe you rely on a morning run or sunrise yoga to get those juices flowing. However you do it, if you start with the right mindset, your day is sure to be better than if you were thrown right into the thick of it. 

anything is possible with coffee

 4. You have to speak up.

This goes two ways: as a marketing firm, we have to speak up and tell our clients when something isn’t a good idea. In return, we ask them to speak up and let us know when they feel strongly about something. Ultimately, it is their brand, website, social media, etc. We’re simply here to help and train along the way.

That being said, communication is key. Now, if anyone has met Benny and Clyde, they likely know that Benny is a pretty big goof, and Clyde has a strict 0 tolerance policy for goofballery. Thus, fights ensue (see video). We NEVER want to have a client that feels like they have to fight with us to get what they want, but we also ask that our clients be open to our suggestions and ideas.  

 5. (Almost) anything can be fixed with a nap. 

No. I don’t sleep on the job. But much like Benny and Clyde, when given the opportunity, I like to nap. A step up from the simple Brain Break idea, you actually turn your brain off for a few hours minutes.


Taking a breather may feel like a waste of time, but when you return to your project you will be refreshed, more efficient and creative. 


a nap can fix almost anything


6. No mistake is going to end the world.


Even if it sometimes feels like it. You know the feeling. I know the feeling. It’s that moment when you realize what happened, and your stomach sinks and you think OH SH*T. It’s inevitable: at some point, you’ll tweet from the wrong account (once again, oops), or add the wrong picture to a post, or even completely space on that huge deadline.


But the right team will always have your back and help when necessary. Yes, the internet is forever. That being said, people these days are more concerned about North Korea, cute videos of sloths and making sure their spiralizer arrives on time, that they likely didn’t even notice that a mistake was made. It may seem like the sky is falling, but it’s really not!


sometimes you mess up


Who’d have thought so many marketing and life lessons could come from a few silly kittens?? I just can’t wait to see what else they’ll teach me! 


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