50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email Works

We’ve collected 50 proven tactics into one comprehensive “how-to” guide.  Download your copy and start building your permission based email list the right way.  In this guide you will discover how to:
  • Go old school – Remember people live in the real world so some of our tips are designed to help you bring your email to them
  • Go high tech  – QR codes, text to join tools and in-store tablets help you connect with your customers when the are on the go.
  • Use social media  – The most effective marketing programs cross platforms.  We will show you how to cross promote your email program on social media and how to promote your social profiles in your email.
  • Use your website –  You marketing begins and ends on your website. We’ll show you how to share offers, resources, coupons and downloads to engage visitors and capture their contact information so you can keep them coming back.
  • Use event marketing  – When you are face to face with prospects it is the best time to ask for their email address to continue the conversation.  Learn how.