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From Christmas to National Donut Day, there seems to be a holiday for everything these days and why shouldn’t we celebrate the day of eating glazed bites of glorious goodness. Marketing is not a stranger to promotions around holidays. It is the perfect chance to have a BIG SAVINGS promotion and drive sales for your products. Many marketers may think of social media holiday posts as fluff and pointless, but the truth is it can be some of your most valuable content. 

Timely and Relevant

One of the most challenging parts of being a social media marketer is making content that is relevant. If the post reaches the customer on the right platform, at the right time and in the right context, then it may go on to be a success. Unfortunately, that is a lot to get right and leaves little room for mistakes. But during the holiday, it is easier to be relevant and to connect with your audience.

Around Christmas, you may want to create nostalgia for fond memories of being with family. During July you may create a little extra patriotism towards your country. In these holiday posts a simple image can transport someone back to the good ol days and to the simpler times as in this post from The Home Depot. Posts that promote this nostalgia are not only relevant, but they can evoke special memories of times you shared with family and friends around the holidays. That nostalgia can make you feel a bond and special connection to certain items, which in the end can convert to sales.

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Emotional Appeal

Social media is all about connecting with people and adds more of a personal connection. So posting during the holidays is the perfect time to connect with your audience in a more personal way. It builds a sense of community and encourages people to be part of something bigger. You can evoke these feelings by showing off how you have treated your employees. One of my favorite clients  posted a few pictures with a little copy and holiday emojis. Although very simple, this was a popular post because it helped build community and create an emotional connection with their customers. 


Again, maybe it is around a holiday when people are in the mood for giving, but the holidays tend to see a spike in likes and shares. For that alone, you should be making simple holiday posts. This is a great chance for new people to see your business and to get a larger exposure. Using the tips above and making a post that is relevant and has that emotional connection, you will be guaranteed a few extra shares.

Sometimes though, the major holidays can be a busy time for social media and can cause competition for your posts, so don’t forget about some of the sillier holidays. Your company may work in the moving business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate #NationalDonutDay. These posts won’t have as much of an emotional connection, but can provide a fun change to your ordinary posts. Also if the national day is relevant enough to your business, it can help drive sales. I use the National Day Calendar website to help monitor events and plan my holiday posts. 


Another major reason to post around the holidays is to promote your newest BIG sale! People are more prone to buy in the season of giving, but also whenever there is great deal. Send traffic directly to your site with a special promo code or send traffic to your store by promoting a sale that is only available in store. 

From a marketing standpoint, most major holidays are going to be a bigger day for shopping. And most people make emotional purchase decisions, it is important that you produce posts that connect with them and have the best chance of converting into a sale. Learn to understand your audience’s emotions and use that to your advantage.Need help with this type of strategy? Roundpeg is a Content Marketing company that can help you plan your content calendar for the holidays.

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