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Making your business stand out from the rest is becoming harder to do everyday. You can wow customers when they come into your store, but how do you make your business stand out online? You may be the most non tech savvy person around but there still are some easy ways to make your company stand out online.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Website

There is nothing worse than browsing a website that isn’t responsive and takes forever to load. If it takes more than a couple of seconds to load, then you have already lost potential customers. Although this is a little sad, it is very true and representative of people today and our ADD personalities. We have all become very needy and have a ‘want it now’ mentality. Also with the average time consumers spend on mobile devices every day increasing to 3 hours and 15 minutes, it is more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile friendly. This is very easy to set up these days just make sure that your website accommodates mobile browsing .

Make Social Media a Priority

Hopefully this is a given by now, but if it is not then let me tell you, PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m not only saying this because I am Roundpeg’s social media guru, but because it is free exposure for your company. There are so many ways that social media can help improve your business but more than anything it creates another avenue to communicate with your audience. Also in the last year, social media has become a very affordable way to advertise your business online. With little to no money, you can put your face in front of the right audience and easily beat out your competition. With over 1.65 billion active social media accounts, this can a great place to find new customers as well.

Use Analytics

Any marketer will go on and on about how much they love their data, and with good reason. It not only provides more information about the consumer but it also helps improve how you market to your audience. Everyday though there are programs that are making it easier than ever to understand data and analyze how best to use it. All the data you receive from a program like Google Analytics can be a little overwhelming, but there many programs out there to simplify it for you. We mainly use Megalytic for our clients, which helps to break down your data no matter what avenue it came from (website, Facebook, email, etc.) There is nothing better than free data though. With a tool like Facebook’s Audience Insights, you can get a better understanding of the customers that follow your business and target them easily with digital ads.

Local Search

What is the first thing you do when you are looking for a business? A quick Google search, right? Finding your business is easier than ever today. Make sure that your business is set up on Google. This way anybody can find your address and phone number. Google is not the only search engine though, so make sure you have your business set up on Bing, Yahoo, Yelp etc.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email has been around for decades and is still just as impactful as ever, especially on mobile. Seventy-nine percent of people use their cell phones for reading email and the mobile email open rate has increased 180% over the last three years! If you are one of those people that have been told that email is dead, then I’m sorry to say that you were told wrong. 

Email marketing campaigns are easy to set up these days with services like Constant Contact. We have used Constant Contact for years and its user friendly interface makes it easy for even the most non tech savvy individual. Email addresses can be segmented into different lists, which makes it possible to make your emails more personal. Not everyone of your email subscribers will be interested in everything you have to offer. Segmenting your audience allows you to send more personalized messages. 

Don’t feel that your company is behind the times, because thanks to so many options, it is very easy to make your company tech savvy and up to speed in the digital age.

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