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Editor’s Note: This post on landing page design  was updated on Aug 29, 2019

Every page on your website should have a specific purpose and clear next step. Sometimes that purpose is to connect the visitor to more information. Other times, the purpose is to collect contact information so you can direct more specific and relevant messages to prospects.

When your objective is to collect contact information you need to think about creating a topic specific landing page. So, to help you plan your landing page, we have assembled some of our best resources on the topic.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

Although this interview is a few years old, the lessons outlined by Chris Lucas of Formstack still hold true. If you are not familiar with Formstack it is a simple to use, but amazingly robust contact form building tool. Formstack was one of the first companies to create a truly drag and drop form builder which didn’t require any coding background.

Even web novices can use the Formstack tool to build simple or complex forms and even complete landing pages. As they rolled out their tool, they spent a lot of time studying effective landing pages. We were excited to sit down with Chris to talk about what they learned. You can listen to the conversation here:

Landing Pages and Google AdWords

On a regular basis I talk to business owners who have tried an AdWords campaign and been frustrated with the lack of results. As we dive into the metrics I often discover that they used their home page as the landing page for the ad.

This makes no sense. You have already attracted the attention of a customer who has a very specific need. They have selected you because your ad promised to answer a question or fulfill their request. Your home page is much too general. You will have significantly better results if you drive them to a very niche landing page.d image, and update the lead capture and they are ready to roll.

Improving your landing page.

Maybe you have a bright shiny new website. You are promoting it with links to your home page and interior landing pages, but you don’t seem to be converting visitors to prospects. It is time to find out why your current landing pages are failing.


Building pages on the fly with Divi

And if you are using WordPress, you can spin up pages in just a few minutes.  We have created a landing page template for most of the sites we design. Our clients can simply load the template, change the text, graphics and form in just a few minutes and they are ready to capture leads.


Landing Page or Lightbox?

In this episode, Jarred and I discuss our preference for landing page lead capture techniques over intrusive lightbox or popups techniques. You’ll learn why and how to build a basic landing page to start collecting customer data and the tools you can use to optimize your page for more conversions.


One last resource.

I was a guest speaker at the Digital Toolbox conference, and my topic was how to convert visitors to prospects.  I focused on the design of a great landing page.  As a promotion for the conference, i recorded a brief episode of More than a Few Words.  

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