3 Positive Side Effects of a Web Design by Roundpeg

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Benefits of Web Design

When you invest in a web design project for your business there is so much more than just an opportunity to get a shiny, new website… at least it should be.

Handing off your website to a group of “experts” and holding your breath until you see the often underwhelming results is a bad deal. This situation leaves you holding the bag on a horrific website with no idea how to fix it or where to turn next. This is when web design goes wrong and it is an ugly thing.

It’s all about collaboration.

In a web design gone right, you are just as crucial to the process as the web designers. We may know the ins and outs of web design, but we don’t know your business. That is why whenever we take on a new client for a web design, we make them an integral part of the process. This level of collaboration not only helps us build a better website, but it lets you walk away from the process with much more than a new site.

So what will you get out of a web design done by Roundpeg?

Better Web Design Literacy

Once your website is completed, we won’t just shove you out of the nest. In addition to working side-by-side throughout the design process and answering any questions that may arise, we also offer WordPress training sessions to our clients.

You may be totally ignorant about WordPress coming into the design process, and that’s totally okay. But, by the time we part ways you’ll have a better understanding of the back-end of your web site. Our training will teach you the basics of WordPress like setting up blog posts, creating landing pages, events and doing regular updates.

This will keep you from having to pick up the phone every time you want to make a simple addition or subtraction to your site in the future.

Better Appreciation of Your Brand

When you look at your logo, is it just a logo to you?

Your logo and the brand it represents are so much more than just a picture. Throughout the design process we will ask you to think critically about your brand, your customers, audience, logo and corresponding colors as we apply them to the layout and design of the website.

This may or may not be something you’ve thought about in the past. Whether you have or not, the concepts and ideas we use surrounding your website can be applied to other areas of your business. Furthermore, if your logo is worn out or you just plain don’t have one, this is the perfect time to find one.

Prepared for the Next Cycle

Your new web site may be ready for launch, but web design as a whole is never done.

Even a website that is two years old can be out of date, whether it’s the design or its ability to take advantage of the latest in web design. When it’s time to start the process over again and you either go back to the well and work with the same firm that did your last design with or you choose to branch out and try someone new, you will be better prepared.

Working closely with your previous designer will teach you what’s important in a web design, what questions you need to ask your prospective designer, what you need to have prepared and what you can expect out of the process. If you had a bad experience last time around, you’ll know what to avoid. If it was good, you’ll know what to look for.

When it’s time for a new website, make sure you get more than just a web site. Work with someone who will also give you the tools to succeed. Like us!



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