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I hate goodbyes. I really, really do. I always cry like a baby and that pit in my stomach lingers for at least a week. As terrible as that all sounds, it’s time to say an especially difficult goodbye – to Roundpeg.

The last year and four months have been a blur of blog writing, cat hair and trying new food with the team. I’ve learned so much at the ‘Peg, it’s hard to image the recent college grad who used to sit in my chair and answer to my name. As much as I want to torture all of you with a long sappy post about growth and change, I’ll skip that and focus on what Roundpeg does best – fun.


One of the most important questions of my interview: How do you feel about cheese and cupcakes? I truly feel every job interview should include this question – Roundpeg set the bar pretty high in the food department. Cheese days were always a highlight, birthday meals and pizza from Bazbeaux just for the sake of pizza from Bazbeaux – yum. I had some pretty great guides to yummy restaurants around the Indianapolis area.


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donuts e1480636964927


It’s not every day you see a giant shopping cart driving down the road. It’s also not every day the entire office runs out to chase it down. From impromptu outings to fencing and everything in between, most days at the ‘Peg were full of action. And if there wasn’t anything going on, you could count on a cat to stir up some trouble.

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The People

There’s something special happening at the Little White House and I can definitively say it’s the people. In my time here I’ve been lucky to work with great friends and brilliant minds. I’ve seen a few friends come and go, and I can gladly say the hours I spent in this office were among some of the best. 

Also, let it be known that the fish tank isn’t nearly as strong at the Family Feud question of the day, but I love them all the same. If you need a group of talented, fun loving digital media masterminds, look no further.


peter wedding
IMG 0474

The Clients

Turkeys, HVAC and bread, oh my! I learned something from each of my clients and I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much as I did without the wide variety of accounts I had the pleasure of working on. Not playing favorites, but I am damn proud of Joe’s Next Door.

Also if you ever get the chance to meet Jeff Chapman and the team at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning, take it. They are honestly the best. My coworkers made the environment fun, but my clients made the work fun. Never did I imagine myself writing about minisplits or geothermal heat pumps, but that I did. 

Well, it looks like that’s a wrap. I’m moving on, but not without a truckload of experience. So for all of the meetings, meals and memories thank you Roundpeg (and yes, that alliteration was intentional).

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