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At Roundpeg, everyone writes blog posts. Each year we add hundreds of new blog posts to a library which now includes almost 4,000 posts. Some of these blog posts provide a broad overview of a topic while others are technical how-tos. There are rants and raves, instructional and informative posts, and some are just for fun. 

Writing a new post every day supports our ongoing SEO. The blog posts serve up new content to search engines every single day. If you are like many of our readers, you probably haven’t read all 4,000 posts so I asked the team to go back and find some of their favorite blog posts of all time.  While they are old to us, if you have never seen them, they are new to you. 

Here’s the team’s list of their favorite posts: 

Jenna: The Glory of Unconventional Blog Posts

I love any blog post that begins with a story about me, so naturally this post by Allison has always been one of my favorites. Aside from satisfying my crippling narcissism, it’s a quick and enjoyable read that reminds bloggers to step out of their comfort zone on occasion.

The advice is simple and relevant regardless of the industry or audience you’re writing for. Having a blogging system is great, but it never hurts to experiment with something unexpected from time to time. 

Sam: You’re the Best (Sport Website) Around

Being at Roundpeg for only around five months, it was very tempting to plead ignorance, take the easy route and just pick one of my own or one from the last couple months. But, that felt like a bit of a cop-out so I decided to do a little digging. I came across this post from Taylor that I really enjoyed.

It combines a lot of things I enjoy: Indiana sports, slick webpage layouts and snide, backhanded insults. It provides a lot of good inspiration and analysis from some solid web design… and some cautionary tales from one that isn’t so great.

Rebecca: Bonnie

Yes, reading this post still brings on the tears but what I like most about this post and others like it is that you, our reader are offered a glimpse into just how special life in The Little White House is.

Seems as if we said many goodbyes in the past 12 months. It’s hard to say farewell but each of those people left their imprint on us, we look forward to visits from former employees and are excited to see what a new hire will bring to the mix. 

Lorraine: Indy Coffee Shop Websites, Definitively Ranked

I love coffee, drinking multiple cups every day. There is a good chance if you examine my blood, you will find it consists mostly of coffee. That love of the bean is what drew me to Cherilyn’s post. It is filled with a fun, non-binding ranking system of local shops. There are quite a few I had never been to, so it helped me discover a few new favorites.  

The other thing I loved about this post is the fact that it is a good example of writing a post for local SEO. The references to Indy coffee shops helps position us as a local, Indianapolis business. This is a strategy any company serving a local community should add to their blogging schedule.

Peter: Make a Moodboard for Your Web Design

Moodboard is an artsy, creative-type word. Something you do wearing a smock in your crafting corner. But it’s actually an incredibly fruitful way to start the decision-making process. A moodboard is just a collection of pictures and notes clustered around a particular topic. Pinterest brought moodboards to the masses with its addictive visual platform.

Cherilyn: Push Our Buttons

I’m always trying to test the boundaries of Divi builder, the plugin we use at Roundpeg to create our websites. I’m also embarrassingly passionate about what makes good design and try to communicate that in a way that makes sense to non-designers. Turn it into a game and voila, you have an interactive blog post that shows how to make the best of calls to action and buttons.

Check out the article for a walk-through of how I used it to help my plumbing repair client look crisp and professional, yet family-focused.

Whitney: At the Front of the Pack

I am one of the biggest car and truck nerds you will ever meet. When my boss writes a post about how she loves May, racing and what it takes to win, well it got my attention. I love cars in general, but auto racing is one of my passions. I never thought about the parallels between racing and running your own business, but Lorraine found them so this post is definately one of my all time favorites.   

Is it time for you to start working on a collection of favorite blog posts for your website. Download our Blogging Guide to help you get started.