Every business loves good customer feedback.  It is essential to your company’s growth.  If you aren’t making your customers happy, you won’t be in business long. That is especially true in the home service industry. The comments help you see what resonates with your customers and where you need to improve your organization.

A little while back shared some great ways to encourage and collect customer feedback and reviews. If you followed through with this, you have some terrific feedback, glowing reviews and testimonials and possibly even some great suggestions from your customer base.

So now what?

Don’t just let that content lay around gathering dust. Transform the feedback into action plans for improvement and marketing content. Here’s how:

Turn customer feedback into content

Customers are more likely to believe an endorsement or comment from a complete stranger than what you say about yourself.  Positive reviews from customers are those unbiased endorsements prospective customers look for.  They can easily be repurposed into terrific content to share with current customers and prospects alike.

Consider how reviews could be used in a new email newsletter campaign or a follow up email to a prospect. Putting together a “here is what our previous customers had to say about us” themed email could be the force that pushes a customer who is considering their options to pick up the phone. It projects to the reader that you are proud and care enough about you quality of service that you are willing to lay yourself bare.

Sending similar emails to current or former customers is another great way to encourage more customer  feedback. “This is what some of our customers had to say about us – how was your experience?” Whether you use it all or not, there is nothing wrong with having a bevy of feedback at your disposal.

If you able to coordinate with a particular customer over a larger project, another way to showcase a testimonial is to turn it into a case study. Start at the beginning of the relationship, go over the objective and walk through the process of how your organization resolved it. You can wrap it up with a brief review by your customer. We have done this with several of our clients.

Create a web page

Don’t just sit in the glow of good reviews – share them! Many home service companies take advantage of reviews by creating a page on their website devoted entirely to testimonials.

Like the email strategy, a testimonials page gives you something to direct prospective customers to in an attempt to being a final nail in the coffin of winning their favor and ultimately their business. It also does the job of growing your web presence by increasing the size of your site. Maybe not what your intended goal was, but hey, it is definitely a positive!

Use it to help you plan and self-evaluate

What worked? What didn’t? What products did customers respond the most positive to? Did we run a promotion that customers enjoyed? Were customers completely satisfied with their service?

Distribute surveys looking to get an evaluation about a service, product or a promotion. Getting some answers or ideas surrounding these kinds of questions can give you a good foundation to build off of going forward as you develop new strategies for both marketing and self-improvement.

If you get feedback that points to dissatisfaction towards the installation or use of your product or maybe your organization’s customer service, this gives you on opportunity to go to the drawing board and evaluate or improve internally in those areas, maybe with training or a change in procedure.

Did certain products or promotions garnered praise? You can use those as outlines or jumping off points as you develop new ones.

Don’t know how to get started gathering feedback and testimonials? Constant Contact has a built-in survey tool! Try a trial or – better yet – call us! Roundpeg is Constant Contact certified and our team of digital specialists can help you gather and interpret feedback and information to help grow your marketing and organization.

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