Try as I might to stay healthy, once in a while a cold hits and I’m stuck on my couch watching countless hours of Project Runway guzzling tea. Not my best look.

Marketing Tips and Lessons

As I sit here writing this blog cocooned in blankets watching the season 12 finale, it dawned on me. Despite the competition and different skill sets, these designers really benefit from all being together, sharing ideas week after week. They almost become a team, working together to make each garment better in the end. Each designer brings a different set of specific skills, perspective and inspiration to their looks, something I missed while working from home with no one to talk to but my cat. 

This got me thinking about the team here at the little white house. Although many of us do different things, there is a common understanding of our industry and the desire to make everything we do the best it can be. Like the contestants on Project Runway, there are a few ways we help and support each other, even if it isn’t our area of expertise.

Check out some of my simple marketing tips to improve your marketing activities.

Double Check Your Work

No one’s work is absolutely flawless. Mistakes happen, especially when working quickly and responding to things on the fly. Things get overlooked and it helps to have a team of people double-checking. When we launch a website, create an ad, send an email or even write a tweet, it helps to have someone glance over it.

Social media is a little more forgiving, but marketing communication sent to print or distributed to a large audience needs to be flawless. Put systems in place to have at least one other person look over marketing materials. No matter your industry or area of expertise, a second look will help you catch at least a few mistakes.

Get Different Opinions

What looks good to me, or reads well to me doesn’t always read well for others. This is especially true when brainstorming subject lines and titles for downloads. Usually, the best titles come when we work as a team and throw around suggestions based off of one original idea. I’m a huge fan of brainstorming. When I make my mind up on a title, it can be hard to pull my mind out of that, throwing it around the room is a great way to break things up and try different perspective for the content. With new products or services, a quick brainstorming session helps identify gaps or details you might not have thought of on your own. Get a few people you trust together and kick around your new ideas.

Leverage Expertise of Others

I’ll tell you a little secret about me. I do not cook. I just don’t. Cooking to me is throwing some veggies in a steamer or boiling pasta. I couldn’t tell you the last time I attempted to follow a recipe. For this reason, I am not exceptionally great at reading recipes and identifying flaws or nonsensical measurements. This is where Rebecca comes in. She is my go-to for making sure cookbooks and recipes read the way they should. Having a professional on your side helps you make sure the content makes sense to your audience and the industry you’re working in. Double check industry terms or measurements that you don’t have much experience with.

I know it’s not always convenient to run everything by other people, but two opinions are always better than one. Not only does it help you avoid mistakes, it helps you see the work from a perspective outside of your own. Multiple times throughout the week, I take a little poll of the room and see where my teammates land to get a more accurate sense of what people might respond to.

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